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Rising Star Guidance

Live performance is arguably the most important part of an Artist and Performers Career.

Going Live in front of an audience can be a very exciting experience. But, too often any new artist or performers whom we've discovered have never been on a stage in their lives and whilst they may have some incredible talent they often only have some experience of performing in front of a mirror or with their friends and family and don't have any idea of how to actually perform in a live big-stage environment.

Because of this, it's not un-common for performers to forget their words or performance from initial stage fright – they don't then manage to offer a quality performance at a time when they need to deliver everything they've got!

Here's a 4-step suggested support as you take that initial step from just having a Dream to becoming a Rising Star:

  1. Have your family support you and your fellow artists in our friendly and open ANUA Regional Talent Search Days so you don't have to just be a face amongst strangers during your initial contact with ANUA Rising Stars! Let your support team see how all the other participants perform a variety of songs; acts and dances and thereby let them help you improve your performance as you get yourself prepared to go onto our ANUA Showcase which awaits you once you have been selected. You’ll all become family within just a few minutes. Our hashtag is #anuafamily!
  2. After enrolling in the upcoming ANUA LIVE Showcase you will receive an official Showcase manual – make sure that you read every bit of it from start to finish. This Showcase manual is formatted on an international level of requirement and will enable you to bring a strong performance to the ANUA LIVE Showcase Stage – and thereby enticing our Industry Directors to choose you over those that haven't prepared adequately – you will be showcasing your ability to "do the work" and this makes you much easier to work with as opposed to other artists that may not have taken the time to prepare as much.
  3. Ensure you follow every category requirement instruction to the 'T' and arrive at the ANUA Showcase fully prepared and ready to rock the big stage. This shows you are a Rising Star and are willing to participate in events on a professional level and that your behaviour and preparation will make it much easier to work with – as opposed to anyone else who doesn't know what to do and has to be helped each moment along the way.
  4. Take advantage of the ANUA Workshop information you have received as well as any Online Webinar classes or Training opportunities that are advertised before-hand. These will all help you stand tall and proud on stage in front of not only your friends and family but most importantly create that beautiful perfect moment for you as an Artist and/or Model as you Go Live and deliver a powerful performance. Do know that our agents and hand-picked Directors only need less than ten seconds to look and see if you are what they are looking for!

Remember to Live Your Dream and Come Showcase your Talent to the best of your ability!
ANUA = Your Star is Rising!

At the ANUA RISING STARS TALENT SHOWCASE our invited industry judges will not only be looking at you and marking your performance as a competitor but in addition, our GoTalent! Showcase Directors will be looking to present you with a personally numbered Golden Ticket, which you will need in order to enrol in the HUGE GoTalent! Performing Arts Showcase that could be taking you all the way as part of the talented team that will attend IPOP IN LOS ANGELES, USA!

Go Big!, Go Live!, GoTalent! Go International!


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