Everyone is a Winner!

When you are invited to perform and participate in the exciting ANUA Rising Stars Arts Talent Showcase you are not only entering a prestigious competition but you are also enrolling in a huge life-changing opportunity to kick-start your career in the Arts and entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

Our carefully selected industry professionals that will be judging your performance on Showcase night are the top in their field. Full information about these professional model and talent management and casting agents and Arts Directors is provided in the ANUA showcase manual that will be sent to each participant once they have accepted our personal invitation to perform at our Showcase.

You may also be selected to perform at SA's prestigious extravaganza Showcase of Models and Talent held in Gauteng every year called GoTalent! performing Arts Talent Showcase – in which case you will then be receiving great workshops, education and also performing LIVE on an international level along with leading talent, celebrities, professional artists and industry heads. It doesn't Go Bigger than this!

ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase (Arts) – offers any artist or model the perfect opportunity to expand their resumè, upgrade their experience to an international level of performance, get chosen to perform in the world's most ambitious and well-known talent convention in the USA and be offered to join some of SA's top talent and model management companies. Along with these incredible opportunities any participant will also receive a certificate of participation (which is a prestigious addition to any Bio or Industry CV) and also stand a chance to win beautiful gold ANUA Showcase medals in the following categories:

Ages 4 to Mature in THREE different Age categories:

(Note: In order to increase participation and ramp/stage time experience, we may from time to time add additional categories according to venue and availability of the talent or model artists.)

The winner of the Best Overall Performer (A performer who has participated in 3 or more categories!) will win the ultimate prize; a handmade unique ANUA numbered Showcase trophy which is theirs to keep – it is a non-revolving, individually hand-crafted TROPHY. (This means that the Directors of the Showcase along with the event judges could consider that performer to be absolute star quality or what we call a 'SQ' in the industry!)

The OVERALL Performer winner will also headline the following years ANUA Showcase as guest artist and will share their years journey through ANUA with our audiences as well as be available to provide guidance, support and education to the newly discovered talent that is now gracing our stages. Everyone wins!