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How Does It Work?

YOU have the talent! But do you have the drive and the ambition to sign up to enter and attend our next upcoming ANUA Regional Talent Search event in your area? Reserve your place NOW to receive a personal invitation to attend, perform and create great international relationships as you opt in and join one of the safest international career launches into the Arts & Entertainment Industry available today! It's an easy process!

ANUA is the doorway that takes a Dream and then makes it a Reality. To begin creating your own exciting and dynamic International Career in the Arts & Entertainment Industry – Come Have the Time of YOUR Life! Show Us Your Talent then Showcase your Talent!

step 1


Make sure you get invited to perform at the next ANUA Regional Talent Search Day by enrolling on-line on our homepage. You will then receive by email our info-sheet regarding these exciting Talent Search events where you get to meet and workshop with our Directors and Producers.

step 2


After you have been successfully auditioned you will then be offered opportunity to perform in the ANUA RISING STARS TALENT SHOWCASE later in the year.

step 3


At the ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase you will be competing LIVE on-stage and performing in front of Industry professional Directors and Agents who will be looking to present you with a personal Golden Ticket Invitation to join in the upcoming GoTalent! Performing Arts Talent Showcase – a prestigious, unique extravaganza internationally linked designer Showcase held over 3 nights and 4 days in Gauteng. (see the GoTalent! link on the sidebar to discover more about the incredible opportunities that await our models, artists and newly discovered talent.)

Dream Big! - Go International!

Left to Right: Photos of previous ANUA Showcase Winners; Contestants and Performers

The ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase) opportunity is NOT only a prestigious competition but is also a Live Showcase opportunity for any aspiring artist or model to begin the launch of their CAREER into the exciting and dynamic Arts & Entertainment industry in the safest and most creative way possible – and we are here to guide you every step of the way.


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